Seattle, Washington Dentist Average Procedure Costs

At least 35 percent of the United States population do not visit a dentist regularly. Given how important your oral health is for your overall health, these statistics should be far better. One of the leading reasons why people neglect their oral health is affordability. The dentist visit cost in Seattle is on the rise, and not everyone has money to spare for check-ups.

However, if you’re willing to put your health first, instead of your bank balance, then you will be pleased you did for the peace of mind of better oral health. Learn about the average dentist visit cost in Seattle below.


Check-up costs can vary in Seattle, depending on your area and proximity to essential services. When you see your local Seattle dentist for a check-up, you benefit from a thorough cleaning, examination, and x-rays. Your dentist will also look out for any problems – current or expectant while using x-rays to diagnose any issues as well. The average dentist visit cost in Seattle for a thorough check-up is between $280 and $540.

Full Cleans

A full dental clean involves a physical exam to check for inflamed gums, oral disease, or any other problems. Your dentist then removes plaque and tartar, scraping between your teeth. You can also make this less of a concern by flossing and brushing regularly. Finally, your Seattle dentist will then apply a gritty toothpaste to remove any leftover tartar, before flossing, rinsing, and applying fluoride treatment as the final steps. This entire dental visit can cost between $146 and $250 in Seattle.

Full Mouth X-rays

Full mouth x-rays can form part of your regular dental check-up, or you can make an appointment for x-rays alone. Also known as dental radiographs, they help your dentist to detect and diagnose several conditions. They can notice decay, periodontal disease, abscesses, wisdom teeth issues, and any defects in your previous dental work as well. A dental visit cost in Seattle for a full mouth x-ray can cost between $97 and $217.

A dental visit cost in Seattle can vary from one area to the next, especially given it’s a city of over 724,000 people. It’s important to understand that even if a trip to the dentist is a costly experience, it’s a vital one. Stay on top of your oral health for the benefit of your body.