How Much do People Make in Seattle?

Seattle has been ranked as number ten among the best places to live in Washington and number 30 among the best places to retire. The city is among the most expensive cities to live in the United States which has made those who earn a low income to move out in search of other places where life is more affordable.

The rate of unemployment in Seattle is low compared to other US cities due to the presence of companies such as Amazon and Microsoft. There are also multiple industries that provide employment to the residents of Seattle which makes it possible for most people to find employment.

Below is a table showing the average pay for Seattle residents according to their profession:

Profession Average Salary per year
Engineer $72,870
High School Teacher $65, 444
Ophthalmologist $313, 337
Pediatrician $214, 524
Urologist $402, 034
Marketing manager $108, 161
Construction Workers $41, 897
Sales Representatives $50, 591
Amazon Employees $99,985
Microsoft Software Development Engineer $103, 226
Microsoft Program Manager $105, 373


The average annual income in Seattle is $61,170 which is quite high considering that the average annual salary in the United States is $49, 630. The minimum wage that one is entitled to each hour is $15, which is a good pay.

Despite the good salaries that the residents of Seattle are paid, most of them earn way below the average income of $72,092 that will enable them to afford their basic necessities. For instance, a 2 bedroom apartment in Seattle costs $2,109 in rent which is 80% higher than what has been set as the US national average.

Seattle residents earn a good pay compared to other regions but you have to know what sacrifices you will make in order to afford the expensive life. For some, they choose to spend an extra amount on transport so that they can live in places where the rent is more affordable. One can also choose to rent a house with a few other friends so that you can share the expenses of paying for a house. If you do not want to make this sacrifice, you have to work extra hours in order to afford the expensive life in Seattle. You will spend the time that had been set aside for family and other personal stuff working so that you can pay your bills.

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