How Much Does it Rain in Seattle?

If you are planning to move to Seattle, it is good to note that it rains a lot and at times, it is as though the rain will never stop. This does not mean that Seattle rains every day of the year as some people tend to think.

Out of a whole year, Seattle experiences measurable rain for about 822 hours which is only 9.4% of the entire year. From mid October up to mid April, the weather in Seattle is wet as a result of constant drizzles for the entire time. You will be wet most of the time and the visibility will be affected as well. You cannot use your solar panels as there will be no sunshine and this situation seems as though it will go on for eternity. After this depressing weather, there will be normal rains that will help to clear the sky for some days. The rest of the year, Seattle is dry.

There are some cities in the United States that experiences more rain than Seattle and from the statistics available, Seattle is ranked as number 44 among the different cities in the United States. If you are a visitor in Seattle, you can be forced into believing that it is going to rain in the next minute due to the presence of heavy clouds. However, this will not be the case as the clouds will only bring light drizzles that will only make you damp, not wet.

For the most part of the year, Seattle is usually dry and you will enjoy basking in the sun and getting to engage in various fun activities. All you need to do is to either adjust to the weather or if you are planning to visit Seattle, come during summer when the weather is dry and everything is looking bright and beautiful.

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