Seattle Cost of Living Guide

The cost of living in Seattle is on the higher side compared to the rest of the United States where one has to pay an average of $1, 900 each month for basic expenses. The cost that one will pay will depend on the neighborhood and your lifestyle as well. Here is a simplified guide on what you expect to spend if you choose to live in Seattle.


In Seattle, the average cost for renting a 2 bedroom apartment is $2, 109, a price that is almost 80% more than what has been indicated as the national average. Most of the Seattle residents spend over 30% of their income on housing which is very high.


The cost of buying a home in Seattle is very high and this is why most people will prefer renting which is also expensive. If you are just starting off, you can begin by renting as you save towards buying your dream home when your savings are accumulated.


Gas prices are equally higher in Seattle but if you are able to shop around, you will discover some gas stations that sell this precious commodity at a very low price.


The cost of electricity will be determined by the purpose for which it was installed such as commercial purposes, residential, or industrial. For commercial electricity, the average cost is 11.46% less than the Washington average of 7.68kWh, 9.14% less than 8.53kHw Washington Average for residential electricity, and 10.79% less than the 6.67kWh Washington average.

Bus Fare

The standard adult bus fare in Seattle is $2.75 during peak hours but the prices may be lower or higher depending on the time and the day of travel. For seniors and the low-income earners, however, there is a special price for them. On average, the cost of bus fare each month will be $150 per person.

To find it more convenient to travel around Seattle, it will be advisable to purchase an ORCA card that will be accepted in most means of transport. This will ensure that you will not have to pay cash every time you want to use a different means of transport.

Insurance Costs

The cost of car insurance in Seattle is the highest in the United States according to a survey that was carried out. With the national average car insurance being $889.01, the cost of car insurance in Seattle is $ 1, 453 on average.

The cost of home insurance in Seattle is lower compared to the national average at $880. You will, however, need to compare different insurance companies to ensure that you get the best value for your money. The insurance should have a history of making timely payments whenever the risk insured occurs.

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